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White paper: Maturity analysis of Zarafa and its ecosystem

Zarafa and its ecosystem have been evaluated by SOS Open Source, a methodology created by open source strategist Roberto Galoppini, to evaluate and select open source software.

SOS Open Source provides organizations with a clear, automated methodology for determining the level of risk of using specific open source packages, based on factors such as community and ease of code contributions. The analysis method rates each open source candidate based on strength (stable, mature and backed by a viable community), level of support (by a community or vendors) and potential for evolution (e.g. code quality). As verification and validation tests always require a significant amount of time and resources to be run, this method limits the number of appropriate candidates displayed in graphs for easy comparison.

You will learn:

  • How Zarafa scores on sustainability and industrialization;
  • How Zarafa scores on its ecosystem;
  • Key factors for evaluating open source solutions.

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