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Z-Admin - Web based Administration Interface for ZCP

With a web based administration interface, Z-Admin lets you install and maintain a groupware server powered by Zarafa. Using Z-Admin, you can monitor the health of the e-mail server including any system services, and perform configuration tasks. Next to existing integrated administration solutions for ZCP, this makes it a powerful tool for maintaining a server, even without specific Linux or command line interface knowledge. Z-Admin is available for specified Ubuntu Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions.

All basic functionality to keep a system running is included:

  • Mail server management and configuration
  • User management
  • System health & status monitoring
  • (Re)start services, reboot system
  • System/network configuration
  • Manage Zarafa subscriptions
  • Inspect mail queue
  • Manage accounts, groups, resources, aliases
  • Backup: settings, restore

The installation of Z-Admin is advised on newly installed Red Hat or Ubuntu servers only. In addition to installing OpenLDAP on the same machine as Z-Admin, integration options with existing, separate LDAP and Active Directory servers are provided. The code is released as open source, and it is extensible for customized integrations with other services (e.g. fax server). Support is available from the community through the Zarafa forums and the Zarafa Community Hub.

If your want to subscribe for a Zarafa Innovation webinar, including a demo of Z-Admin, click here

License: AGPL (Open source)
Compatible Zarafa versions: 7.1
Virtual Appliance:
Maintainer: Open source community (,
Compatible OSes: RHEL 5 & 6, Ubuntu 12.04, Debian 6


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