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I want to modify user information, how can I do that?

Using the zarafa-admin tool you can modify user information.

Log on to the Zarafa server using PuTTY (or another SSH client) or directly with a console and give the following command:

zarafa-admin -u <username>
[-U <new username>]
[-p <new password>]

The settings between [ ] are optional and can be used to modify the following properties:

-U <new username>

Modify a users username.

-p <new password>

Modify a users password.

-e <e-mail>

Modify a users primary email address.

-f <full name>

Modify a users full name.

-a <0|1>

With this option you can set whether a user is an administrator. 0 disables admin rights, 1 enables admin rights.


Hints and tips

If you don’t know the exact username in Zarafa, you can view all users by giving the following command:

zarafa-admin –l


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