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Frequently Asked Questions - Webaccess

When SELinux is enabled, this is blocking your connection from the webserver to the Zarafa server.

You may solve this by allowing Apache to make network connections:

setsebool httpd_can_network_connect=1

or by disabling SELinux altogether:

setenforce permissive

When you choose to disable SELinux, you will also want to edit /etc/sysconfig/selinux to disable it for reboots too.


Hints en Tips

More information about Selinux can be found here:

Sending a file of 2Mb or larger using the Webaccess is not possible by default. This is caused by a limitation in PHP, which is the language used to build the Webaccess. The limit of PHP can be enlarged, but this should be done in the PHP configuration file.

When you want to send an email with an attachment larger than 8 MB, you can still use Outlook which doesn't have this limitation.

The value which needs to be changed in the php.ini file is: 'max_upload_filesize'.

max_upload_filesize = 16M

Officially we support Mozilla Firefox 3.6 up to the latest version, and Internet Explorer version 6* to 8. We recommend Firefox as it is more secure and performs better.

Although not officially supported most modern browsers are known to simply work with the Zarafa WebAccess. Starting from ZCP-7.0 we plan to add Google Chrome and Apple Safari to the list of officially supported browsers.

*) Our next generation WebAccess, of which a beta will be part of ZCP-7.0.0, will not support IE6.

This happening because the option ‘Allow script to: Disable or replace context menus’ is disabled in FireFox. To enable this option go to:

Tools > Options > Content 

Make sure that 'Enable JavaScript' and click on the button ‘Advanced’ behind ‘Enable JavaScript’. Here is it possible to enable the option ‘Disable or replace context menus’.


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