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Hosted Zarafa

These days, many companies encounter the same challenge regarding their groupware application. Should they run the servers internally or should they go for an external groupware server in the cloud?

To satisfy both demands, Zarafa offers next to its on-premise products, a hosted variant of their collaboration platform. The product is offered to end customers through Zarafa channel partners who each have setup their own hosted platform.

The Hosted Zarafa edition has the same functionalities as the Zarafa Enterprise edition. This means that it can be easily set up in a multi-server environment and fully supports multi-tenancy.

Of course hosted email is not in all cases a straightforward choice. It depends highly on your personal company demands. E.g. if you would like to integrate the mail server with your existing ldap server, it could be that Zarafa on-premise could be a better choice.

Please find below some advantages of the Hosted Zarafa product.

Benefits of Zarafa hosted

  • Immediately available: no need to schedule installation and configuration time
  • Flexible: monthly fee instead of yearly fee, scaling up and down is easily possible
  • Affordable: no installation costs and no groupware-ready infrastructure needed

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