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ISV-Partner - Univention

Univention Corporate Server – powerful platform to manage and operate Zarafa and complete IT infrastructures


Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is an enterprise Linux distribution with focus on identity, infrastructure and virtualization management. It is the optimal plattform to run and manage Zarafa and to integrate Zarafa with other compenents of existing IT environments. UCS easily enables cloud based Zarafa setups and allows the integration with existing on-premises Microsoft Active Directory environments.

Enterprises benefit from a thoroughly tested, quality checked and fully supported combination of Zarafa and UCS that provides a solid groupware solution. Furthermore, UCS and Zarafa4UCS (the integration package) reduce costs for setup, administration and management of Zarafa. Using Zarafa4UCS, Zarafa can be tightly integrated into the UCS management system. Once created in the UCS domain, user names, email-addresses and passwords can not only be used in Microsoft Outlook, Zarafa WebAccess and to connect to Zarafa using mobile devices, but also to provide domain, file or print services, as well as, a huge range of other solutions.

Try it today by downloading Univention Corporate Server (as ISO or VMware image, EC2 Amazon Machine Image).






  1. Easy deployment in Cloud setups.
  2. Integration with Active Directory infrastructure.
  3. UCS is the best alternative to Microsoft Windows Server.
  4. SSL encryption out-of-the-box.
  5. Easy installation.
  6. Integration with central web-based management system and LDAP directory.
  7. Pre-configured mail stack in UCS.
  8. Support and Maintenance for a good price.


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