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Zarafa was founded by enthusiastic engineers connected to the Technical University of Delft (the Netherlands). These days, Zarafa is among the fastest growing open source groupware companies in Europe. And that's why we are always looking for talented colleagues.

We call each other "Zarafian". Do you want to be one, too? Have a look at the right column for open job opportunities and read along to find out what motivates us and if you would fit it.


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We create for them

Zarafians innovate, build and extend technologies for customers. Products that support and change the way users collaborate. Every Zarafa customer is different; in terms of size and what motivates them. For example, Zarafa is used by large governments organizations like departments of several German ministries and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. And dozens of city councils, hospitals and enterprises have jumped on the Zarafa bandwagon as well.

In 2007, we wanted to bring the community of Zarafians, partners and customers together. Technology and development connects us, thus our yearly tech conference was born. Every Zarafian participates in the program in his or her way. It's really one of those places where magic happens. You can experience this, too.

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Did you notice the giraffe spots in the logo?

Zarafa is founded by Brian Joseph (CEO) and Steve Hardy (CTO). The name can be traced back to a African giraffe named "Zarafa". We strive to be more like a giraffe because we believe he is different from others in many ways. And that's how we see the ecosystem of groupware and collaboration product as well; there is room for more friendly, open and different software. Do you agree with us? 


We do it together.

Zarafians produce together. Zarafians develop together in frameworks like node.JS and AngularJS. Zarafians lunch together. Zarafians have fun together. Zarafians watch live sports together (ok, not everyone in the office likes ice speed skating or soccer). And we feed our inner geek during internal hackathons. Because although your day job can be big fun, it's still great to work out your other ideas once in a while.



Where can you find Zarafa?

Most of the software development takes place at Zarafa's headquarters in Delft (the Netherlands). The Zarafa offices in Stuttgart, Hannover and Belo Horizonte (Brasil) provide local sales and support to our partners and customers around the world.


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