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Collax - Integrated Groupware and Infrastructure Server

Collax GmbH has been producing Out-of-the-Box and customizable infrastructure servers for the SMB market since 2005. The Collax Platform Server forms a robust base for a “Plug-In” server into which modules such as Zarafa Groupware, Mail Security, Network Optimization, Firewall, Backup etc. can be introduced to form powerful infrastructure and communication servers.


Collax and Zarafa have worked together to produce the Collax Zarafa Groupware module. This module lets you, with a click of the mouse, plug Zarafa into the Collax Platform Server. With no integration requirements you are instantly presented with a working Zarafa Groupware solution. As the Zarafa module is now part of the Collax Platform Server it is instantly connected to all other modules, thus giving you functionality like Security filters (antivirus, spam, attachment, header etc.), LDAP/AD/NT/PDC Authentication, System Backup, Administration Delegation, Fax Services, E-Mail Archiving and many more. This Groupware server can be as slim or as rich as your requiremens deman, all at the click of a mouse.

  • No integration requirements - Out-of-the-Box solution
  • Security - antivirus, spam, Firewall etc.
  • Infrastructure integration - LDAP, Active-Directory, NT-Domain, PDC etc.
  • Built-in System Backup, monitoring Archiving - At the press of a button
  • No LINUX knowledge requirements
  • General ease of use and low time to live (deployment).
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