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12 March 2012 - Zarafa and ClearCenter Announce ClearOS Integration

Leading open source enterprise email and collaboration platform now available through ClearOS Marketplace and features easy install, sync and console management

Zarafa, the leading European provider of open source email and collaboration software, and ClearCenter, a leading provider of hybrid IT and on-premise open source Linux gateway, network, and server solutions, today announced the integration of the Zarafa Collaboration Platform (ZCP) with ClearCenter’s ClearOS Professional.

ZCP provides enterprise-grade features including calendar, email, address book, task list, notes and more.

Thanks to the ClearOS Professional architecture and the ClearOS Marketplace, the ZCP installs in just one click. Sync control and ongoing management are made simple too using ClearOS Professional’s innovate web-based console.

The ClearOS platform brings an added layer of protection and scalability to Zarafa including protecting mail servers from from spam, phishing, viruses and hackers while enabling features such as advanced folder sharing across distributed locations via VPN access.

Visit to learn more about Zarafa’s integration with ClearOS Professional.


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