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17 June - Zarafa’s New E-mail Archiving Enables Customers to Optimize Storage Capacity

Presented to more than 200 Zarafa Summercamp participants in Brussels

Today, at the first day of its yearly held and well visited Summercamp, the Dutch mobile messaging and collaboration specialist Zarafa presents its new Zarafa Archiver (ZA).

By using ZA, mail store sizes are minimized by moving old messages to slow and thus cheap storage. Once a message is archived it can be deleted from the original store. Optionally a stub to the archive can be created that allows a user to actually see the archived message and open it as if it were a normal message. An alternate way of opening archived messages is to open the archive as a shared store in Outlook or the Webaccess. Follow this hyperlink to see what an archived e-mail in an Inbox looks like:


Zarafa's archiving solution leverages existing technology used by Zarafa; once installed on the server, it requires no additional software rollout and uses existing Zarafa configuration and setup procedures for setting up the archive. This also includes support for compressed attachments and single sign-on. ZA also enables to search in parallel using the resources of multiple servers arranged in a cluster. Therefore, this solution is typically interesting for enterprises with thousands of users.

Brian Joseph, CEO of Zarafa, and Steve Hardy, CTO of Zarafa will showcase ZA to more than 200 enthusiastic and devoted Summercamp participants ranging from community members to business and technology partners, journalists and customers from all over the world. Zarafa is organising this 2-day, international event for the third year in a row. Besides archiving, this year’s main topics are virtualisation, a preview of Zarafa Webaccess 7, customer views on migrations and open source community Webaccess integrations. Read more about Zarafa’s Summercamp:



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Zarafa is a fast-growing international Linux-based mobile messaging and groupware vendor.
The Zarafa Collaboration Suite is an open and compatible groupware platform that can be used as a drop-in Microsoft Exchange replacement for mail, calendaring, collaboration and tasks. It includes IMAP/POP3 and iCal/CalDAV capabilities, the ability to integrate with existing Linux mail servers and a web-based access by means of an AJAX-based web client.
It is the only groupware platform that includes open source ActiveSync compatibility, which enables organizations to have remote synchronization and push mail for iPhones, Windows Mobile, Google Android and Nokia’s Mail for Exchange. Zarafa also offers full integration with the Blackberry Enterprise Server.
Zarafa’s head office is in Delft, The Netherlands and the company also has offices in Stuttgart, Hannover and Belo Horizonte (Brazil). It has a overall 5,000 customers, most large customers in government with enterprise and SMB segments making up the rest. More information is available at Follow Zarafa on Twitter:


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