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26 April 2011 - Zarafa Open Source Mail Jumps To 30% Migration Share in Benelux City Councils

Of the 100 Benelux city councils that moved to other mail server software in the period from April 2009 to April 2011, 30% chose for the open
source mail server software from Zarafa, 60% for the closed source software from Microsoft Exchange and 10% for other open and closed
source software from vendors like Novell and IBM. Before 2009, the migration share of open source server software with Benelux city councils
was less than 10%.

Zarafa has examined what percentage of the Benelux city councils has migrated to other mail server software in the past two years. The
criterion for migration was the actual ordering and delivery of a new server package.

The use of open source server software within city councils has increased due to e.g. the stagnation of the development of closed source
software (being confirmed by Gartner’s report ‘Market Email Scope’). It was also positively affected by the adoption within Benelux city
councils of open source content management systems like for example Typo3, Drupal and Hippo.

Bart Lindeboom, Head of ICT, city council of Ede: “Ede has decided to switch from MS Exchange to the Zarafa Collaboration Platform (ZCP)
because of its functionality, manageability and favourable total cost of ownership. It is actually quite logical that this leads you to an open
source solution. Zarafa is also extending its platform further and further. ZCP is also easy to maintain in our hybrid IT environment with both
Windows and Linux operating managers”.
Ede is part of the top 25 city councils in the Netherlands with more than 100.000 inhabitants.



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