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6 March 2012 - Zarafa and Univention Bring Tested and Quality Checked Zarafa4UCS To Market

Even enabling connections of existing Active Directories with Cloud-based Zarafa setups

Zarafa and Univention today announced that the integration of the Zarafa Collaboration Platform 7.0. with Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 3.0, which is the major Open Source integration platform for IT infrastructure operation and management, has reached its final stage. A prototype of Zarafa integrated with UCS 3.0 will be shown during CeBIT in Hannover (6-10 March) at the booth of Univention in Hall 2, booth D48. In Mid-March, the final version of an integration package will be available for download on the Zarafa Community Hub (

Enterprises will not only be able to benefit from a thoroughly tested, quality checked and fully supported combination of Zarafa and UCS, Zarafa will also be tightly integrated into Univention Directory Manager, which is the web-based UCS component for domain-wide user management. Thus, users and groups can be easily assigned to Zarafa accounts. Once generated in the UCS domain, user names, email-addresses and passwords can be used in Outlook, the Zarafa WebAccess and to connect using mobile devices. 

The open source project Zarafa4UCS, driven by LINET Services, has been so successful that Zarafa Germany and Univention decided to test the integration code provided by the project. This has not only resulted in certification of the code, both companies also decided to fully support it. A special Zarafa package for UCS has been built and Univention has provided quality guarantees with respect to the integration in the UCS management system. 
The integration of Zarafa in UCS was the first project that used Zarafa's new distributed version control system, The Zarafa4UCS project will remain open source.

Helmuth Neuberger, Director Zarafa Germany, says: "Univention delivers a unique way of managing identities and access rights, clients and servers using open source software, but also has strong capabilities to integrate proprietary solutions. A major benefit is, that with UCS 3.0 we can connect Zarafa running in the cloud to existing Active Directories of customers." 

Peter Ganten, CEO Univention, adds: "For customers, seeking an open, flexible and economic alternative to Microsoft Exchange, in many cases Zarafa is the best choice, especially when it comes to the integration of Microsoft Outlook. Therefore, we are excited about this new quality in our partnership with Zarafa. Together, we believe, we can bring much value to our customers, system integraters and cloud-providers, offering a truly open, proven way to run and manage organizational IT services – on premises or in the cloud!“


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