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Summercamp Program

Time Program and Topics  
  Introduction ecosystem, integrations and Z-push  
9:30 Welcome and ecosystem update Brian Joseph,
9:50 Levels of integration Steve Hardy,
10:10 Z-Push update & roadmap Sebastian Kummer,
10:30 Break
  Virtual Machine competition
11:00 Introduction to build a multi-platform manageable VM Kris Buytaert,
11:30 Virtual Machine competition Creators of winning VMs
12:30 Lunch break
  Track 1 Track 2
  Customer cases on integration and update Z-Merge Advanced LDAP and high availability sessions
13:30 Update on Z-Merge and integraton Sebastian Kummer,
13:30 New Zarafa LDAP structures Milo Oostergo, Zarafa
13:45 Integrating Zarafa with Jira Sebastian Gerdes, catWorkX 14:00 Experiences with Zarafa in High Availablity setups Michael Kromer, Millenux
14:10 Customer Case: Extension and CRM-integration of Zarafa using plugins Markus Bartz, Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband
14:30 Break
  Workshop: Application Integration in Zarafa 7 Webaccess Community sessions (Fedora, Artica, OpenSuse)
15:00 Introduction to Zarafa 7 and widgets Ivo van Doorn,
15:00 Introduction on Zarafa community Cies Breijs, Zarafa
15:10 Create widgets and adapt context menu for Zarafa 7 Ivo van Doorn,
15:10 Zarafa in Fedora Robert Scheck, Fedora Zarafa maintainer
15:25 Best practise: Zarafa and patches from Opensuse community Michael Kromer,
15:40 Zarafa in Artica Florent Tougeron, Artica Technology
15:55 Community discussion  
16:30 Ending session

Program disclaimer:
This program is put together with great care. Nevertheless, it is possible that there are inadequacies in the information. Zarafa has the right to change the program without notice. No rights may be derived from the contents of this program.


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